TypeWay - Ralf Trachte

TypeWay supports 10-finger typing with automatic adaptation
of the configuration.  It uses iPad’s multi-touch technology
to sense up to 10 touches simultaneously, and has a
quasi-full keyboard, and sets focus on 10-finger touch typing.
For beginners, we recommend a frozen layout:
With “Save” (& “Restore”) and “Freeze,” you can fix
a customized, personalized keyboard configuration.
Layout:  English international, or German, in landscape mode.
Special characters like “ä ö ü æ å ç [ ]” via the Alt key ⌥ (and Shift Alt).
Optional slanted default keyboard layout, font size settings,
“Open In…” (e.g., Mail, Pages, Word, DropBox, Evernote).
It also works as a general keyboard in various iPad apps (third-party keyboard).
The app is NOT intended for a macOS laptop or desktop.
Actually, the App Store Preview page shows the screenshots of the iPad Pro;
here are the screenshots of the regular iPad.

Price:  $ 0.99  or local equivalent