What happens when I tap between the keys?
The touch activates the nearest key.

Sometimes the keyboard is not visible.
Tap in the blank field or text field to activate the keyboard.
Or open a new note with “New” or the “+” symbol left above (in the note-taker-app).

Why includes TypeWay two versions ?
TypeWay as a separate app (tap on the icon shown on your iPad)
has note-taker functions like typing and saving texts.
TypeWay as a general keyboard allows the use in various iPad-applications
(as “third party keyboard”). (See “Description”.)

Sometimes the keyboard seems to vibrate.
iPad’s “Multitasking Gestures” may react to an accidental four-finger swipe,
it is possible to deactivate them in iPad’s “Settings” “General”.

The adaptation appears too nervous.
Please choose “slow” adaptation in TypeWay’s “Settings”.
Or send feedback (per button in the TypeWay-website menu.).

Sometimes there is an additional interactive bar (“Shortcuts Bar”).
If you activate “Shortcuts” and “Predictive Text” in iPad’s settings
then the additional upper bar with short commands is shown. 

How to activate spell-checking ?
In iPad’s settings > “General” > “Keyboard” you may activate
“Check Spelling” and “Predictive” so that tapping on the 
misspelled word suggests options in a small pop-up field.
(In a few cases also, “Auto-Correction” is possible. 
 Text programs such as “Pages” and “Word” already provide these features.
 The chosen language should be the same for iPad and TypeWay.)

Sometimes, the language change in the settings does not show an effect.
You may have saved, restored, and frozen the keyboard layout in another language.
Please tap “Unfreeze” and “Default” and try again.

How to find special characters ?
You find characters like “ä ö ü æ å œ ø ç ‰ [ ]” via the Alt key .
Shift and ⌥ offer more signs.