Self-adapting keyboard

TypeWay starts with a “Default” key configuration  (optional slanted or straight).

Lay down four fingers of either hand simultanously, and the keys shift:
They shift in relation to the fingertips as initialization to fit your hands,
or through a resting of four fingers, or as reaction to typing.
The configuration automatically adapts to hands and typing habits.
( Of course the distance between both hands should be normal.
Type with small movements, don’t look at shifting keys – just type!
For beginners the slow adaptation is recommended, please choose that in settings. )

Optional a key configuration can be saved as favorite (“Save”).
By “Restore” this saved configuration is used again.
Optional “Freeze” locks the actual key configuration,
or “Unfreeze” activates the adaptation.

Basic management of text files:
“New” opens a new text file. “Edit” and “Rename” can delete or rename notes.
“Share” uses Mail, Twitter, AirPrint, “Send to iTunes” on your computer,
or “Open In…” (e.g. “Mail”, “Pages”, “Word”, “Dropbox”, “Evernote” …).

iOS features are integrated, as cut, copy & paste, spell-checker,
suggestions for word correction, and multi-touch features.

TypeWay supports fast typing, e.g. for protocols,
lesson-scripts, interviews, mails, and basic text editing.

TypeWay as app

TypeWay as a separate app (tap on the icon shown on your iPad)
has note taker functions as typing and saving texts.
It offers text export via “Share” (e.g. Mail, “Open in…” Pages or Word)
or via copy & paste:  A double tap on the text field opens the option
“Select All”, so iPad’s cache memory saves the text.  Then in another
app or program a double tap in the text field provides “Paste”.

TypeWay as a general keyboard

For use in various iPad applications, you can activate TypeWay
as a „third-party keyboard” in iPad’s settings:
> „General” > „Keyboard” > „Keyboards“ > „Add New Keyboard“ > „TypeWay”
This installation of TypeWay offers the question for „Full Access“.
„Full Access“ can be activated or deactivated in the iPad settings
> „General” > „Keyboard” > „Keyboards” > „TypeWay” > „Full Access”
(TypeWay does not need connected internet and does not transfer information.)
And each keyboard shows the Globe key to switch between available keyboards.
(In the Emoji keyboard please tap „ABC“ left below, if necessary for some seconds.)

US Patent 7352365
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