Edu, Game

TypeWay means also education, learning, and gaming.
Beginners are enforced to use 10 fingers, and the keys adapt themselves.
Exercises support learning steps: Begin with typing single characters and simple words,
that trains the perception and awareness of the fingers positions and movements.
Begin typing with index fingers, thumbs, and then with middle fingers and so on.
Beginners and experienced typists may use the “Freeze” button:
The personal keyboard layout fits to your hands.
You just should be aware of the rough hand position relative to the iPad.
Advanced users can type really fast without looking at their fingers. 
Complete words are recalled as combinations of the fingers activities.
Analogously to playing a music instrument here is a feeling, a “flow”.
Optimal typing means that you don’t look at your fingers and you are just typing. 
You concentrate on the text you are reading or listening,
and concentrate on your sensory and active fingers perception,
and awareness of the fingers position and movement. 

The most obvious typing game is just to try typing in real time a spoken text.
This needs effort and training. Your typing activity bundles brain and fingers and is fun.
Try out touch typing; train the awareness of finger positions and movements. 
Playing a music instrument is a familiar challenge with direct feedback.
You may reach the condition of a “flow” activity  ( Mihály Csíkszentmihályi )  
with concentration and joy. You find a challenge in each text communication.
Typing speed is only one aspect of success. The essential reward is this feeling
of overcoming barriers and speeding up thoughts and communications. 
If the challenge appears too high, slow down the keyboard’s adaptive speed in “Settings”,
and/or use the “Freeze” button for fixing your favorite key-layout.
As another challenge try typing with very small finger movements:
This flexible key layout allows extreme narrow keys what means high speed.
And by that it’s easier to remain the hands in a good position on the iPad. 
You can use several other games for more challenges, to see characters and words
flying through the image as typing task. TypeWay in the third-party keyboard mode
allows the combination with websites for game and learning. There are possibilities
for measuring your typing speed and skills. ( For example:
Tap in the red field “Start the typing test …” to activate the keyboard. )